YpsiGirl's Happy 1/2 Hour Show

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Come in Suckers, leave your wallet on the Bar!

Trouble Maker get's recognized.

Photos Courtesy of CTN

Jesse, my little princess and I sat in the front row at CTN's Volunteer Producer Recognition event last month. We knew we had won in some catagories. We were thankful to receive our awards as others did that night.  Our part was done and we politely waited as the special awards were announced. 

We listened as CTN manager Ralph Salmeron introduced the final award of the night. He went on and on about this woman, who is a wife, mother, long time producer who through out the years shared with the community her various on air personalities and such.

Honestly, I was only half listening and instead occupying myself with my little girls hair. My internal thinking was, wow that describes me but NO WAY would CTN honor someone like me. Unbeknownst to me, Jesse was thinking the same thing. "That description could actually fit Tanya but there's no way that's gonna happen, don't get your hopes up baby."

Then Ralph picked up the Community Spirit Award for 2011, looked at me and smiled, saying  "Goes to Tanya Veilleux!!!"

I was SHOCKED!!! I put my head on Jesse's shoulder for a hot second in disbelief.

But it was really happening, in addition to winning four 1st place Philo T. Farnsworth Central States Awards,  YpsiGirl won a fancy one of a kind CTN (Community Television Network) Community Spirit Award 2011!
For the first time with cameras rolling I was SPEECHLESS! With no preparation, notes, or even knowing  this award existed, I stepped up to the podium.

I don't remember exactly what I said, so I am looking forward to when CTN airs this event. What I do remember is that I thanked two people who were my inspiration for EVER getting me into public access televison. Stoney Burke, of "Stoney Speaks T.V." who gave me my first on air experience something like 19 years ago. (BIG Grin)

This was back when CTN was located downtown Ann Arbor above the fire department. After we finished taping Stoney's show I left the station knowing without a doubt that THIS is what I want to do!!!! Shortly after that,  U of M professor, Dr. Syliva Hacker, author of "What Every Teenager Really Wants to Know about Sex" had me as a guest on her show "Sexy Minutes."

That part went smoothly, then I had a (Rick Perry) moment trying to find the words to thank CTN, because it was through them 15 years ago, I met a volunteer crew member who turned out to be my now husband, Jesse Sinatra!

On the drive home with a total of 6 awards, Jesse and I laughed our butts off replaying the event.

To think during the Safety Girl days the station was almost shut down over my show. The district attorney even came to the station and confiscated an episode, (Can you believe it? He still has it, I think.) And even my Safety Girl producer had to quit the show and hire an attorney worried he might go to jail. The cable commission was forced to create new producer guidelines, rules, paperwork and such (that they still use today) all because of little ol' me.  And now I was being honored for my work! Ya, just gotta hang in there I guess....time and history changes everything.

You know what... winning awards for what I LOVE to do and especially one made just for me feels.... well, pretty darn good.
1995 X-Mas episode after party with my camera man-friend-wedding singer-now HUSBAND!!!! ♥

Polaroid ;)

Halloween Shopping Contest!!!

Yupperz, I'm hosting my very first contest, EVER!!!
Shop Local this Halloween, upload pix's to my facebook page deadline (November 5, 2011) and tell us the who, what, and where your fantastic costume came from. 

If you are reading this from facebook, hop on over (here) to my blog for the total experience.
Out of all five of you... ;)
One lucky local will........
win bragging rights, a write up with pix's on my blog, maybe on television too- and receive a little token of love in the mail from yours truly. ;)

Need some ideas? Scroll down to view a few videos and links in honor of my personal favorite local haunts for one of a kind costumes and accessories.

Also, here are just a few COOL and FUN places to show off your costume this Halloween Weekend 2011...
Friday: The Tap Room featuring: The Six Foot Poles
Sat: Woodruff's Bar featuring:  
The Elbow Deep Drag-A-Ganza Chugs ON!
Local Halloween Shopping:
V-Male Detroit Vintage: website
V-Male Vintage: Dearborn Facebook
Fantasty Attic: DePot Town, Ypsilanti
Apple Annies:
27 E. Cross St.
The Mix
130 W.Michigan Ave
Downtown Ypsilanti

A few of Ypsigirl's Local Field Trips:

Music in the Streets is back!!!

The 2nd annual Pianos 'Round Town has officially kicked off. I can't express enough how lovely it is to get some early Christmas shopping done while experiencing a delightful scene of PIANOS displayed outside encouraging passerby's to "Play ME" right on the streets of Downtown and Depot Town Ypsilanti.

Jesse and I ran into them last year, here is a little caught on camera action of how we handled this "smarvalous" attraction...

An YpsiCana Weekend! Starting today!!!

The 33rd Annual  Ypsilanti Heritage Festival kicks off today, high noon!
3 Whole Days of Fun, Free, Family Activities, Music, Art, Events, Children's Activities and MORE!!!
Starting today at noon and going till Sunday 6pm.
It dosent get any better than this! Watermelon seed spitting, bed races, crushing cars, Ypsi Idol Singing Contest, local celebrity bands, musicians and entertainment...
In my humble opinion this festaval has it all, this is the Best it Gets, for small town flavor in a city that boasts, "2 down towns". You won't find a more genuine family friendly festival anywhere else!
Don't forget the Beer tent, Gambling tent, and make sure you head over to Hotel Hickmans Chuck Wagon in Riverside Park. Authentic cowboy cooking, baby!!! and... and... saving the best for last, my personal favorite part of the 3 day Festival.... the duckies!!!! ;) make sure you get one, or two, or eleven. Love, LOVE love those duckies!       


3rd Annual Michigan Roots Jamboree Camping Extravaganza!

Starting today, your weekend could include:
Live Art
Children and Family Activities
and......and..... AND......
Urban Camping BABY!!!!
Starting today at 3pm and going till Sunday.
I can't think of a more family friendly on a budget community event available, except right here in Beautiful Ypsilanti, Michigan!!!  It's like going on Vacation in the cities historic rolling back yard.
All the info here:

Happy Hour Festivities at Riverside Park Today!

Local Beer- 300 frosty varieties from over 50 Michigan Breweries!







This is Michigan's 14th Annual Summer Beer Festival kick off. It starts today in Depot Town's Beautiful Riverside Park 5pm sharp till tomorrow 6pm!

You must be at least 21 years of age to enter the festival. Everyone is required to show valid ID for entry. More info here:  Facebook them here:

YpsiGirl's Non-Pretentious Weekend Recommendation!

This weekend if you are in need of some budget friendly, down to earth, fun, social strong liberal adventures I highly recommend The Shadow Art Fair @ the Corner Brewery in Ypsilanti, this Sat July 16 from noon to midnight. What I LOVE most about this kind of fair is that its the exact OPPOSITE of the A2 Art Fair.

People here will smile and look you in the eye, the artist's don't act like traditional ones but their work is one of a kind, edgy, and detailed. Enjoy a tall frosty beverage while browsing the 40 some-odd vendors.

This is the place to come to for finding that PERFECT Gift for that special someone who you want to know you really took your time shopping for them! You can even get your fortune told by a 10 year old psychic girl. Mine last year promised I would "enjoy lots of tokes." (Boy was she wrong.)  ;)

For lunch or dinner I recommend a stroll into Depot Town, to my FAVE friendly universally FAMOUS Sidetrack Bar & Grill.  I can attest that you will enjoy yourself immensely. You can even enter to WIN a years worth of burgers!

And lastly, from personal experience- if you are dieting rest assured that the Ceasar Salads and the Goat Cheese Quesadilla won't make you hate yourself the next day. I've lost weight enjoying these delicious dishes!
So there you have it, a perfect friendly non-pretentious Saturday with free parking, beer, food and art!!!

Would you please pass the Grey Poupon?

From Graceland to Michigan Ave...Get your Sparkle on in Ypsi!

Tonight is the 1st day of the 12th annual Elvis Fest Weekend in Ypsilanti. Jesse and I had a riot there last year!!! We met so many fun people from all over the U.S and Canada and were even interviewed for a documentary about Elvis Fest. Do yourself and family a favor and surprise them with an impromptu outing to the largest Elvis Fest in the country.

Now if you happen to have a babysitter, an added treat would be heading over to Woodruffs Bar in Depot Town for the annual Post Elvisfest featuring The Devil Elvis Show. 

Lastly, if you have that entrepreneur spirit then our show tonight is just for you!
A special YpsiGirl Business edition featuring Spark East on Michigan Ave. Learn how Spark has helped others start a business and how they can help you. ;) Here is a sneak peek of tonight's episode, if you are reading this from facebook head on over here to my blog for links and video.

MI Bridge Card & Farmers Markets Rock!

All Washtenaw County Farmers Markets & Detroit accept the Michigan Bridge Card. Each week you can get double up bucks up to $20.00. Sponsored by the Fair Food Network. That's an additional $80.00 a month to spend on locally produced fresh foods.

Fair Food Network:

Detroit Farmers Markets:

Depot Town Farmers Market:

Downtown Ypsilanti Farmers Market:

Ann Arbor Kerry Town Farmers Market:

A2 West Side Farmers Market:

Do you sing??? YpsiFest Idol ~ 2011 BABY!!!

Auditions for the 1st annual Ypsi/S.E. Michigan  Idol Competition is
June 4th, 2011! 
Ages 5-105 ;)

Singers will perform in-front of hundreds on the main stage Saturday Augest  4, 2011 at the 32nd Annual Ypsilanti Heritage Festival.

Register and More info here:
Facebook Ypsi/Idol event page here:

At the theater...Cutlip's Spectacular Benefit Concert!

Photo Courtesy of Frank Wright

Tonight's 1/2 episode is family friendly and quite different from what our Happy 1/2 Hour Show usually airs.

Tonight, 7-7:30pm on Comcast ch 17 is the first of three or four episodes that will end with an entire hour and a half presentation to air in the fall of 2011 called "YpsiGirl Presents."

It was shot on location Jan 15, 2011 at The Riverside Art Center, another one of Ypsilanti's best kept secret venues. I'm delighted to share a Magical Benefit Concert featuring over a dozen gifted and SUPER talented local artists who all share one person in common. Because of her love and outrageous support for the music scene in Ypsilanti they put on a heck of a fun packed chock full of Ypsilicious performances in her honor.

That person is Ypsi's most valuable non-profit relentless volunteer Denise Cutlip. Everyone was honored to support her with the burdens that come with battling lung cancer.

This episode and the rest to follow until it's completion are my first, second, or third drafts. In other words they are a work in progress and I hope I will have the entire event edited and ready to air in it's entirety in the Fall of 2011.

Performers in Part One are in order of appearance:

Nestle Quick
Uneek Darby

Thank you Ann Arbor Community Television Network for the Remote Equipment to film this one of a kind event! And Denise, I'm still on for girls night out! ;)

My Town (Got a River and a Train)

Welcome to Ypsicana!

Performed by Ypsilanti's own:
John Latini @ The Riverside Art Center
Jan 15, 2011 for The Denise Cutlip Concert Benefit



Emcee: Chris Buhalis

After Hours New Church

That's right, tonight for the first time in Ann Arbor Public Access History "YpsiGirl" is not sandwiched between two church shows!

Jesse and I just noticed via the cable t.v. guide that there are actually FIVE great public access programs in a ROW!!! Especially if you are just arriving home from the Sidetrack!

11:00pm Out tha Box TV
11:30pm Spooky Talk
12:00 Jeannie On the Beat
12:30pm YpsiGirl's Happy 1/2 Hour Show
1:00-2:00 pm Double episode of 2012
2:00pm "YpsiGirl" again.. and then you can go to bed.............

We're expecting a full report! We grade on a stumble!!!
Licks -n- Lashes,
tanya & jesse

A tidal wave of excitement! "oops"...

Tonight's episode is a potpourri of politically incorrect episodes dating from 2009 to the present! On this episode I am especially excited to feature several performances by local celebrities who performed at a benefit for our Cross Roads Angel Ms.Denise Cutlip over at the Riverside Art Center this January 2011. Players on this episode include in order of appearance:

Russ Mantooth
Craig Host of Forbidden Knowledge
my love, Jesse Sinatra
Muruga Booker
Psychic Nancy Rose Gerler
Jim Priore
The Farah Brothers (Answer This Movie) and (FunnyorDie.com)
Chris Buhalis
John Latini
Denise Cutlip
Dragon Wagon
Mayor Paul Schreiber
Leanardo Christian aka "Nestle Quick"
Uneek Darby
Nearly Normal Warren and Tom Saunders (A3 Radio Folk It Show)
Brian Woolridge (A2 Michael Jackson Ally Dancer)
Martin Simmons
Michelle Shankwiler
David Barrett

Enjoy... and expect a special episode in the near future featuring the entire Denise Cutlip Benefit at the Riverside Art Center
cheers- tanya and jesse

Ypsi @fter Dark- For music lovers!

Friday, Feb 25th 6:59pm tune into our Happy 1/2 Hour Show for some serious musical delights and never before seen footage/interviews with yours truly doing what I do best, not editing myself (again). Sharing the musical talents, the beautiful residents, and all the fun to be had in Ypsi After Dark!

I'm especially excited to share with you all a beautiful new theme song and music video about the city of Ypsilanti. Written and performed by our own John Latini, winner of the 2009 and 2008 Detroit Blues Challenge!
Filmed live Jan 15th at the Riverside Art Center for a benefit concert for our Crossroads angel, Denise Cutlip! The song is called My Town (Got a River and a Train).

Also on this episode:
Martin Simmons and the Spaceheaters
Tom Saunders and Nearly Normal Warren A3 Radio

Special Thank You to ALL the players involved and especially Sebastian for your great camera work over at Keystone!!!