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A Sermon and Soul Food at Biggies in Ypsilanti.

My senior cohort and I spotted Biggies from the corner of Michigan Ave and Washington- "Ohhhh, yum- some serious Ypsi Soul Food in Downtown, with a name like Biggies it has to be fabulous!"
I insisted we dine there.

I am about to express our afternoon experience at Biggies in this review, but I want you to know, when I have a depressing experience at ANY establishment, the kind that hours later my guest and I are still haunted by how we wasted our time and money at any local flavor, I have to get proactive and get some questions answered from the source.
This means a polite CALL to that place and speak with the owner about our experience- Just to get their side of things before I hammer out a negative review, but also to help them out on a “new customers” experience, and most importantly, to help me to get over all the complaining- I hate complainers and I hate to complain. Here is what I expressed to Victor, Mr. Biggie himself- Mind you I was more polite in my conversation with him than in this review- but I DID express everything with him, always stating, “With all due respect”, and “As a seasoned Ypsi local who supports local owned businesses”. Etc…
Victor, the owner of Biggies was very nice and did apologize for this sad experience, stating he has been in business for 26 years and encouraging me to try them again.
Here goes…
1.......You would believe this is a restaurant- there is a podium greeting you at the entrance, but for me and my guest no staff in sight- Bibles open on the podium, and religious paraphernalia are the main ingredients to the decor. Instead of finding menus on the tables, you will find decorative bibles instead. Somewhat odd for me as a patron, I would expect to see these kinds of artifacts at the local pancake breakfast after Sunday's Sermon- But I think to myself- “They make their dishes with love, God in their hearts and prayers, so it has to be great!”
I am a huge local supporter of independently owned and operated anything, but I am also brutally honest with as much love as I can dish out!!!
2.......No directions on how to place your order…not sure if it is a concession stand at a Tigers game, or a restaurant you dine in with the guidance of wait staff. I have to ask my guardian angel to help me with this one.
3.......The door bell, upon your first step inside- ekk it is a buzz from hell.... if you are an old fart, like my guest- it just might make you leap every time it goes off. Actually, I have never heard of a door “BUZZ” operating in a restaurant that prides itself with fancy chandlers - "like here"- not such a nice sound to dine to. Yet... after it "Buzzed" a few times you would expect staff to appear- not for us.

4.......We take a chance and walk farther into the restaurant, may be the concession stand way in back will lead us to directions on how to order some grub. Maybe it is not a restaurant, maybe it is a concession stand after all?

5...... O.K. I think I got it now; my senior guest of course was still lost. But, since there are no menus on the tables, and the concession has a wall lit up with their dinners this is where we place our order... but after like 4 minutes there still is NO staff in sight. Thanks to the two other patrons there that afternoon- one who sensed these Caucasians need a guide- got up from her table and rang a bell on the concession counter-
6..... Here comes Biggie I thought! I was excited, and then realized that patron wanted to add something to her order.
After taking her additional order he walks back behind the concession counter waiting for our order- I explain that this is our first time there, and how excited I am to be here. He was nice enough, not Biggie, but his cousin, he was not very helpful with explaining how this joint works. We place our order anyway.
7….. I look over the entire floor for a door or signs to the restroom, none in sight, so I take this as a sign from above to explore the dark hallways behind the counter. Another bible opened on another podium greets me at the end of the hallway, to
the right of it is another hallway leading to the restroom.
8…. The restroom was for sure the kind you would find at a concession stand- it is baby changing friendly, except the changing table looked like one just picked up from Value World, and not disinfected or even wiped down. Inches of dust on it caught my eye as I squatted. But what caught my eye next made me cringe- freshly used fly paper wrapped around the sink plumbing, dangling inches from the floor!
9… A few snaps of my camera and I’m outta there.
10… 20 minutes later, still no food- my guest and I venture outside to take some snapshots and a smoke.
11……25 minutes later and our dishes arrive, but only after I walk back up to the concession counter and ask if we should wait there for our food or will they bring it out.
12…. A quick snap-shot of our grub- a cod sandwich, deep fried mushrooms, and a red hot! Sadly, the staff only laid out one plastic fork, one paper napkin, and no water, didn’t even offer any. I didn’t bother to ask, at this point I felt like I was being a high maintenance customer.
13…. The deep-fried mushrooms were not cooked long enough; the mushroom was wet with batter.
I really hate writing this review-
14…. The Red Hot was fine- The Cod Sandwich was mushy inside.
Over all… they are overpriced, unless you order their $1.00 burgers, or have an EMU Student I.D. for a discount, and I’m still not sure if this is a restaurant or what… I will have to venture in one more time though, as I promised Biggie on the phone I would… and I will update this review.
Update: May 16, 2010
I still have not been able to get back in here... but I did have the pleasure to meet Mr. Biggie and his beautiful date in person at our Keystone gig a few months back-and now I feel real bad about this review because he is a super nice and polite person and he does have a serious glow about him. I will be back to try them again... ;)
16 N Washington St
Ypsilanti, MI 48197
(734) 484-3434


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    This is great stuff, I feel like eating already.

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    ya, you better visit and get served.

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