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Come in Suckers, leave your wallet on the Bar!

Ypsi Girl Fashion!

It amazes me the reactions jesse sinatra and I get from peeps about our style.

We are the kind of folks who LOVE to dress up, just to go to the bar, or the airport, or for a Sunday stroll downtown Ypsilanti.

People ask us, "Where did you just come from, a gig?" and most recently a Southwest Flight Attendant asked, "O.K. what's the get-up?" I told her, "People used to always dress up for a flight."

I tell others, "If you think this is dressed up you should have seen me last night at the movie theater."

It seems to me that our society is stagnent in regards to fashion and style. I get women in their sixties telling me all the time how they wish they could dress up like me. I ask them, "Why don't you then?" The most common answer I get is, "I'm too old to change."

This is so sad for me, you only live once so why not have as much fun as you can and forget about what others say or think. Don't live these precious years in the eyes of others, live in your eyes!

I'm so proud of Drew Barrymore, she says it best in this short A.P. video segment about fashion and our society:

What Is That..... Art on a Budget and High End Art in one cozy gallery. Ypsilanti, MI

After leaving The Silent Cat in Ypsilanti, a bar that looked cool enough to step in but happened to sadly be closed down, my cohort- Jesse and I walked up Michigan Ave in route to our back up bar, The Tap Room.

It was seven in the evening as we window shopped and stumbled upon, “What Is That”… an art gallery in the middle of authentic downtown Ypsi, baby!

An art gallery, which screamed at me: “You’re invited Tanya!”

An art gallery who’s front window expressed to me that it was a friendly, non pretentious kind of gallery that welcomes both bridge card carrying members as well as their neighbors up the street residing on private drives.

This gallery gives both the budding artist just starting out, who might not be confident enough to walk in and show their creations in Ann Arbor, as well as the solid, high end artist a place to display their pieces with pride.

What I personally love about this rare gem is the front windows display, showcasing a potpourri of handsome, imaginative, attention-grabbing pieces…with a simple black and white sign displaying the gallery’s name.
To me, the sign looks less professional than a “Beware of Dog” sign you would find in a homeowners front window. But it was the sign itself that caught my eye first, before the art.

I walked in as my cohort took the time to read their hours. Dave, one of the owners greeted me with a smile. “Are you still open?” I asked as Jesse announced to me they were closed. Dave encouraged me that I was welcomed to take a look around.

I personally love Susie Crawley’s diorama- a crafty project I made in elementary school but remember calling it a shadow box back then.

It looks like it was made out of an old time cigar box, a vintage Drive In on one side and a Victorian collage of sorts on the other side.

I am so artistically illiterate. But I know when I love it and thats all that matters to me. So if someone reading this happens to know me personally, my birthday is in July, and my divorce is final in March…you can grab this one of a kind piece for me for under a couple hundred and I’m sure Susie would entertain any offers.

Another great divorce gift would be David Austin’s Clock. I’m telling you, at first glance it looks like a warm and colorful abstract painting, but with further attention to detail hidden in a corner you find the time… and you might not care if you’re on a tight schedule because for me, this piece stole some wonderful seconds of my life. I have no regrets.

David has three sizes of this artsy clock; the prices range from $50.00-$250.

Lastly, the jewelry girlfriend and boyfriend!

If you want to really impress your chicky, I cannot express enough May Oppenheim's super sparkle charged dichroic glass one of a kind necklaces, broaches and ear rings! There are various styles such as, dragon flies, flowers, abstract shapes and various star shaped pieces. You will find them behind the counter in a display case. I warn you, take your girl in and watch those cool and vibrant hues tease her enough to force her to pay them an up front and personal visit.

Also, if you are in need of the perfect “making up” gift for your love… these pieces would be a healthy way to admit guilt and beg forgiveness, instead of doing what my ex did after confronting him on his sneaky adulterous ways. He bought me an empty skull and cross bone stamped flask from Hot Topic.

I personally recommend you asking your main squeeze what piece she loves most. After which, I suggest to ask either David or Leslie to ring it up without asking the price. Why not ask? Because silly, the prices will make your wallet cough up a few bucks with a certain smile. The kind that reads, between $25 and $38!

This kind of undivided attention to your sweetie will put a certain kind of smile on her face… and well, I bet you will be smiling later too!

For your curiosity, I’ve included some pic’s of the gallery here.

"What Is That, LLC"

David Austin...His Paintings above him.



130 West Michigan Ave.

Ypsilanti, MI 48197

Owners are Leslie and David Austin

Sunday to Thursday 1pm to 7pm
Friday to Saturday 11am to 9pm

Make sure you sign their guest book to be invited to Openings and Receptions. They are so much fun if you have never attended one before!

“Rock Star Hair Stylist” in DePot Town, Ypsilanti- BABY!

Rock Out your Hair at Paula’s Barber Shop-

40 E Cross St.Ypsilanti,48198

(734) 483-6300‎


A Hair-Stylist to the Rock Stars is sure damn hard to find in Ann Arbor-

When I say “Rock Star Hair Stylist”- I’m talking about the kind of stylist who upon motioning you to her chair, can totally relate, understand, and sympathize with the emotional condition you and your hair are in.

My new BFF is SinDerElla

That is her trade mark name.

Throughout the years I have been to EVERY kind of hair shop imaginable- “The up-scale-glass of wine in hand as they design your locks, the coupon offering chains such as Fantastic Sam’s, the African American Parlors, the gay beautician’s, the Beauty School’s, and authentic barber shops-in my search for “The ONE” who I would want as a sista!

I thinky that it was the Universe that put "rock and roll hair by SinDerElla" in my path this time for a serious hair style intervention, I am thanking the Universe every morning upon checking out my “new morning look.”

All it took was for me to come clean to my rock –n-roll hair dresser about why my hair was in such emotional distress. This is very important to weed out the “real” from the “phony” beauticians- for sure.

I explained to her that, “After being officially divorced, I got drunk, pulled out my scrap-booking scissors, placed a hand mirror between my thighs, and with drink in one hand and the scissors in the other cut away in the dark, and could have cared less how I looked in the morning.”

That is all it took, for a genuine, celebrity by night and indisputable Rocking beautician by day to grasp the locks of frustration I attempted to cut from my past.

I knew by her response to my condition, that she would treat me with love, honor and respect- something I never got from any other stylist for being honest, or my ex-husband for that matter.

SinDerElla's Resume includes:

  • Being A Detroit Native.

If you are feeling frumpy, disgusted with your look, on the edge of freaking out over how God must be against you, I recommend stepping into Paula’s Barber Shop in the Historic DePot Town in Ypsilanti, and allow SinDerElla to work her majic for a hot second. She will change your life!

Tip her BIG…. The price for a hair cut is only $16.00… How you feel after-ward is priceless!