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Dinner & Revenge at DaLat: Vietnamese Restaurant Down Town Yps

Dinner and Revenge: A dish best served cold in Ypsi.

The first time I visited DaLat was back in the 90’s, I recall having some hot and spicy conversations with my coolest and strikingly attractive lesbian girlfriend, Sam, over shrimp spring rolls and freshly squeezed lemonade. Everyone should have a friend like Sam in their 20’s- she is the one who held my hand and introduced me to my now fave foods like Sushi, Middle Eastern Foods, and of course Vietnamese.

Last night I had a date there with my best friend of like 18 years, who was also my maid of honor. It has been almost a year since we have spoken to each other.
Our friendship is the kind that we may not speak to each other for months, or sometimes even years, but when tragedy strikes we know for certain who to call for unconditional love, support and compassion.

She was my strongest ally when I found my creepy husband placing personal ads online.
And she was there in a heartbeat when the dirt bag beat me up over confronting him on yet, more crap posted online months later.

She was there for me, 2 years ago when I was at the hospital getting x-rays and being interviewed by a domestic violence counselor.

So it was at DaLat that we recapped the past year over low cal shrimp spring rolls at a $1.25 each and the most appetizing almond sauce (no extra charge) I have ever tasted- I so wanted to just pick up the bowl and drink it.

But my current weight-loss regimen specifically says I can’t do stuff like that.
Instead, I used a fork and dipped as Mz.Fit and I discussed revenge.

My mouth exploded with each bite, as I listened to her list of peeps in need of some serious non-physical revenge. The flavors were fresh, crisp, and delightfully bland-except for the almond sauce- the secret sauce that will make anything taste better.
Speaking of secrets, when my main dish arrived, number 66 or if you’re fluent in Vietnamese, you would call it Canh chua chay I realized just how disappointed I was in my best friend’s husband and her so called mutual friends. But the dish was priced just right, $7.00 and enough for 2 meals!

After taking a deep breath of excitement over the presentation of my dish, I lifted my bowl to inhale the spicy hot and sour soup.

Ahh, my nose thanked me as it caught the main seasoning- fresh garlic. I swear to god, for a moment my body was in a trance overlooking the dinner bowl filled with huge chunks of fried tofu, a garden of bean sprouts and chunks of tomatoes, and celery.

Quick mental note to self:

“Tanya, you sooo are going to enjoy this, eat slow, remember with each bite to count to 12 before you swallow and ask for a 2 go bowl at once.”

I sipped my unsweetened iced tea between bites while paying close attention to the glass being square and delved into all of the years my best friends' husband has been cheating on her.

Another sip of tea, I express to her how sad I was with this news; her marriage was the ideal marriage to me… They have been married for 7 rock solid years; throughout their marriage I have begged them to let me be wife #2.

The husband calls her cell phone right after I ask what was his reaction to her confronting him… he admitted it, came clean, maybe too clean for me personally.
oh great! He is on his way over to say “hi” to me.

I want desert and a drink. Have to wait on that drink as they don’t serve alcohol there. We decide on number 75 the Da vai hoac nhan. I have no idea what it is but it sounds crisp, clean and very low cal.
“Girrrl, I really don’t know how to react to him. I am going to be superficial and fake.”

She encouragingly responds, “That’s fine hun, I understand.”

The waitress delivers our desert, I am at first thinking she brought over another glass of ice water but then I see the long dessert spoon next to the glass. Mz.Fit asks for an extra spoon, and asks me what she can do to get him working harder on their marriage.

We set the glass between us and dig deep, avoiding the ice as we fish out a bite sized lychee fruit.

I was on chew count number 5 when I had to spit out a piece of ice hidden inside the cumquat like fruit into my iced tea glass.
She laughs endearingly. I tell her I have some ideas to help light a match under her dirt bag husbands' ass.

I get up to take a few snap shots of the interior for this review… I see HIM in my peripheral vision I move quickly as if I am headed to the rest room.
Tucked away in the back of the restaurant, it dawns on me that this building used to be some kind of fancy department store.

There is a long, wide, spiral stair case leading from shadows into darkness to a second floor, maybe more. I so want to investigate, but I hold back scared of having no idea who could be up there.

But now knowing the owner’s family also lives in the Restaurant, I am glad my intuition steered me against that impulse.

I turn and find the ladies room, I might want to pee for the heck of it, but both seats are way too gross and I decide I will wait and relieve myself at the dive bar instead.

Deep breath… and another… ok I’m ready to be fake now.

A few snaps of my camera on my way back to our booth…

“Hi, hello, how are you? We’re going to the bar want to come. Ok, let’s go.”

It was fast and forced but I got my girl and me outta there. Her husband would be over after he got his order. On the way up Michigan Ave I called my dear sweet, freaky cohort to meet up with us at the Tap Room.

After a few shots, a few beers, a free game of pinball and my man PRINCE singing in the background, I tell my girl and her jerk of a husband that hopefully come Thursday I will finally be divorced.

Check out their menu....it is fab, enough to take home for a midnight snack and way inexpensive:

Monday: CLOSED
Sunday thru Thursday: 11:00 AM - 8:45 PM
Friday & Saturday: 11:00 AM - 9:30 PM
Phone: (734) 487-7600
NOTE: We stop serving the last 15 minutes which is for CARRY-OUT only.


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