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Come in Suckers, leave your wallet on the Bar!

"Girl Power" at the Elbow Room Bar in Ypsilanti!

Saving the best for last on this mission, is a place I feel most at home. The Elbow room bar is located on Washington Street, a door down from the Tap Room. What the bar lacks in physical amenities, it sure makes up for emotionally.
That is, if Nina happens to be on the clock. They open at 4:00 in the afternoon, Mon-Fri. I can walk in and watch my girl Oprah on the flat screen T.V., chat it up with my fave Ypsi Girl Bar Keep, Nina- while enjoying a total hour with no worries of creepy old ypsi men goggling at me!
It amazes me the difference in clientele from just one door down. Ahhh, I feel so darn empowered every time I walk into this girl friendly dive bar!
I sure hope Andy; the owner knows how important his barkeep is to us YpsiGirls! Nina is a true gem of a barkeep, she is the most authentic, un-egotistical and unpretentious Ypsi gal server in town. Furthermore, she is the lead singer in a band. This is the place I go to when I need some serious “girl power”! Afternoon drinking here offers up a non- threatening, uplifting escape from the real world outside.
I highly recommend Nini's favorite lip smacking shot, straight up not chilled-called American Honey; she is holding a bottle in the picture. This is the finest whiskey I have tried to date! If you love me papapa pretty please think about wrapping up a bottle for my birthday this July!
This is the only bar in town where the ratio is more female than male, but ONLY before sunset. Still, I feel camaraderie here. I feel accepted, grounded, and even forget I have boobs here. There is no sight of any Ego’s residing at the Elbow Room in the afternoon. But, I do have to make this one point clear: Ego’s come out later, as the boys start to arrive. In spite of that, even the boys are more pleasant here over the Ypsi male species at the Tap Room.
Guess what? Whoopee, Gay Night is coming to the Elbow Room Bar. The first and only gay, lesbian and anything in between weekly GALA premiers Tuesday, May 26, 2009 promptly at 9:00 pm! $5.00 cover charge!
Ambiance: Dark, Red, Alternative. HOME!
Prices: Fabulously inexpensive.
Service: I want to take the barkeep home with me. That good! 5 star service!
Smoking: Yuppers, even cloves.  Just the peeps and staff!
Flask: In the bathroom.

The Elbow Room
6 S Washington St
Ypsilanti, MI 48197
(734) 483-6374


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