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Come in Suckers, leave your wallet on the Bar!

Rock out your LoVe at: The Rocket!

Even though I am quite jaded about romance and the whole lovey dovey crapola, I have decided to take the plunge this year and invite my inner cupid to visit my freaky cohort.

So on my search for extremely cheap and creative ways to celebrate this lover’s holiday I first went on a field trip to Ypsilanti's "The Rocket".

The shop is located right in the heart of downtown Ypsilanti on Michigan Ave.

The front window this month is decked out in shiny red hues and filled with alternative budget conscious novelties geared to Valentine’s Day.

Ya... this is so my kind of local independent shop. Any place that can sport sculls and cross bones and love and romance in one delicious window display has my attention!

As soon as my baby girl and I walked in to The Rocket it felt like we just won the golden ticket into Willy Wonkas factory.

We were welcomed by an assortment of wrapped and unwrapped bulk candy that covered the entire wall on the right. My baby was in heaven as she inspected all the bins... every kind of gummy bear’s imaginable, chocolates, jaw breakers, all sorts of pez dispensers, wax candy soda pops, and to top it off, a beautiful rainbow of every variety of jelly bellies’s blanketed the wall.

I was hypnotized by all the cool religious,tinker bell, zombie and pirate action figures, and especially the Betty Boop, Marylin Monro, and Elvis Novelties.

The retro kitchen and bathroom accessories totally made me envious of anyone who happens to have a place of their own to decorate!

In addition to candy, I found some seriously great novelties under $5.00 for my love.

Such as:

Adorable rubber heart love rats-

And for the serious breakfast in bed surprise you can create some love eggs with a super cheap heart egg shaper and Stamp some lovin on toast with the “I Love You Toast Stamper”-

Prepare yourself to spend a half hour or so investigating the four rooms filled with retro, vintage, hard to find, unique Ypsi attire, toys, games, bar and tiki paraphernalia, cool ass jewelry, bags, purses- all that scream Rebel- Cool ass chick- Character- and style for the chickie who likes to stand out period!

Also… they have online promo coupons you can print and redeem this month to further support your budget and love big time!

You can take advantage of 20% off any one purchase-

10% off your entire purchase-

30% off your entire bulk candy purchse.

If you don’t live near Ypsilanti, that is ok too… they have an online ordering section over at their site:


They are located at:
103 W. Michigan Ave at the corner of Michigan Ave and Huron Street.


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