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Come in Suckers, leave your wallet on the Bar!

The Tap Room

The Tap Room was crowded on Thursday during Happy Hour for this assignment.

They offer outdoor seating facing South Washington, the only venue downtown to do so. Drinking outside here would scare the heck out of my mom. Mainly because on this side of the street you really get an up close and personal look at the local panhandlers and alcoholics walking to and from the corner liquor store. Personally, I can handle this kind of peep watching.

As Jesse and I sat down, I overheard a conversation next to me. An entrepreneur explained to his guest's why the cutie-pie barkeep was bitchy today.

“Brian is to damn cheep to pay $2.75 an hour for a third waitress.”

Well, this is sure not the first time I have heard this about Mr. Brickly, the owner- who also believes that the days of paying bands a couple hundred to play at local bars are dead.

Side note: Papapa pretty pleeze, when you see the tip jar floating around inside drop them some love. Brian sure won’t!

With only two waitresses and the bar packed during Happy Hour, as you can see here:

This is what you need to know...

Expect slow and annoyed service. If dining outside, you must go into the bar for service. I haven't seen a waitress serve outside yet. Also, plan on waiting about 10 minutes for your drinks and another 10 minutes to pay up. (If I were you I would kill two birds with one stone, get it all over at once.)

This is no big deal for me as I am well aware of this fact, which is why I also recommend to:

B.Y.O.F. For the Tap Room. i.e.:

Bring Your Own Flask

Conclusion: GREAT WIFI Service!

Ambiance: I wouldn’t bring mom.

Prices: They are Alright.

Friendly Service: That all depends.

Smoking: Yes, thank you.

Flask: You will need it!

The Tap Room 201 W Michigan Ave
Ypsilanti, MI 48197
(734) 482-5320 http://www.taproomypsi.com


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