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Come in Suckers, leave your wallet on the Bar!

Ypsilanti's ONLY Martini Bar: Key Stone Underground.

The next assignment on this dream mission was across the street from the Tap Room. A new restaurant, J. Neil's Mongolian BBQ- has set up shop in Ypsilanti's old Kresge building.

Once Upon a time in the present, YpsiGirl discovered a hopping smoke free upscale restaurant, in beautiful downtown Ypsilanti!

Stairs to the right of you lead down to the basement, my dream for a Martini Bar in Ypsilanti has come true. An underground venue has been launched:

A Martini Bar, called Key Stone Underground.

Key Stone opened for business maybe a day prior to our visit. I think the stairs are actually the portal to another dimension. You will find yourself exclaiming:

“Were not in Ypsilanti anymore, Toto.”

In addition to us being the only customers there that day, they also didn’t have any specials. But they do have Crystal, my version of the modern day Good Witch of the East. She is a hot, rockin upscale punky kind of Ypsi barkeep gal.

The cheapest drink is $9.00

Sadly I could only afford one to share with Jesse. I ordered Crystal’s recommendation, the 007 Martini... one part absolute, one part blue Curaco with a twist of lime.

The Martini was as striking as Crystal.

Sadly, I don’t think I or many other Ypsi peeps on a budget will make Key Stone Underground apart of our local stomping grounds, only because of the high prices.

However, if you’re on the hunt for an adventure in search of Ypsi class, you won’t be disappointed with Keystone’s ambiance; which includes an enormous collection of Art by Ypsilanti artist, owner of What Is That Art Gallery: David Austin.

Oh, I almost forgot the glowing neon center pieces decorating the bar. Dazzling glass jugs filled with vodka infused fruit. A stunning display and probably lip smacking, but I won’t know for sure unless someone from Ann Arbor or Canton buys me a drink here.



Ambiance: For sure bring mom!

Price: If you make $9.00 an hour at your job, forget it.

Friendly Service: Absolutely.

Smoking: Nope, just the staff.

Flask: The only way I could afford to pay them a visit in the future.

Key Stone Underground

200 W. Michigan Ave.


Wednesday-Saturday, 4 p.m.-2 a.m.



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