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Come in Suckers, leave your wallet on the Bar!

Put-Pocketing instead of pick pocketing

What a delicious marketing gimmick!

Former pick pockets are being recruited in London to what else?

They PUT money in strangers pockets!

Whats more is that they are being instructed to only put money in the pockets of peeps who NEED it. This is the brain child advertising idea of a British phone company called Talk Talk.

Just a thought for my fave city of Ypsi.... How about marketing Put-Pocketing here?
I'm sure it would create a major buzz.

Here is a short video of one ex-pick pocket in action on the streets of London:

Ypsi Heritage Festival Pic's: Day 1 and 2 of 3

Days one a
nd two of filming...
Click on picture's to enlarge.

We had a great time filming the first two days of the festival. Here is a just a snippet of what went down so far. If you have not made it out yet, you still have a shot at attending a fabulously relaxing, free, and FUN family event! Today is the last day of the festival.

It goes till 7pm.

Pictures of Haab's 1st annual Bed Race.
Ypsi Local: Tyrone at the Bed Race
Bridge to Depot Town on Cross Street: Statue Guy
Ugly Car Contest
David and Leslie Austin: Owners of What is That Art Gallery
Judges at the Bed Race.
Check out the newest Ypsi business:
Korey's Krispy Krunchy Cajun Fried Chicken
They are located on the corner of Pearl and Washington.
Absolutely the best tasting, crunchiest, and inexpensive fried chicken downtown Y
psi, baby!!!!

Ypsi Heritage Festival filming this weekend, baby!

You better believe that I will be attending this best of Ypsi local event!
August 21-23!!!

An excerpt about the Ypsilanti Heritage Festival, from their site:

The 2009 Ypsilanti Heritage Festival is dedicated to the Ypsilanti Historical Society and Ypsilanti Historical Museum with deep gratitude for preserving and showcasing the rich history of the Ypsilanti community.

The Ypsilanti Heritage Festival draws families from southeastern Michigan and the greater Detroit Metropolitan area to experience the fun and excitement of this ADMISSION FREE, family friendly, three day event.

Featuring historic tours and Living History Encampment, arts and crafts, stage entertainment, Children’s Village and the always popular Rubber Duck Race, the Ypsilanti Heritage Festival truly has something for everyone. Parades, contests and delicious food are just some of the surprises that await you and your family.

There is so much to see and do, you’ll have to spend a couple of days to do it all!

My crew and I have our itinerary planned, cameras charged and ready to film. Below you will find our schedule- feel free to find us over the weekend if you would like to be on local television.

Photo Courtesy of: YaaLife

Just look for a kick ass video camera and a chick with a microphone sporting a retro pink wig!

Otherwise I suggest you visit Ypsilanti's official Heritage Festival site, download the map, and enjoy the weekends festivities! This is going to be a blast. I'm especially looking forward to the annual rubber ducky race, and 1st annual bed race!

See you there.

Here is just a taste of what you can experience over the weekend.......

Friday August 21

$ Authentic Chuck Wagon c. 1889

Craft Booths
Riverside Park and Depot Town

$ Michigan Black Horsemen
Pony Rides in Living History Area

$ Freight House Happy Hour
~ Depot Town ~ Beer, Wine and Jazz Fund Raiser

$ Millionaire's Party and Saloon
~ Riverside Park Black Jack


Saturday August 22

31st Annual Parade Downtown
W. Michigan & Ballard to Huron & Cross Streets
10 am

Ist Annual Haab's Bed Race ~ Pearl Street


YoJake ~ Yo Yo Genius, performs tricks


Farmers Market

Watermelon Seed Spitting Contest

Molly Hunt ~ Riverside Park Stage
Country Music's Little Darling

Nightmare Cruise ~ Depot Town
Sponsored by Aachen Auto

Cross Roads

Lady Sunshine & The X Band

Sunday August 23

La De Dahs Vintage Baseball ~ Frog Island ~ Sponsored by Greenfield Village

Rubber Duck Race ~ Riverside Park on Huron River
Sponsored by Eastern Michigan University

$ Bingo ~ Riverside Park
Knights of Columbus Council 3230


Moo to You Petting Farm ~ Many Farm Animals ~


$ Michigan Black Horsemen
Pony Rides in Living History Area


The Ypsi Project: A free and coolass thing to do TODAY

Erica Hampton loves a challenge... my personal fave is her photography project:

One photograph, everyday for one year, of something or someone in Ypsilanti.
More here:

Meet her up close today:
Saturday, August 15th at Bombadill’s Cafe downtown on Michigan Ave in Ypsilanti.
10 a.m.-7 p.m

Show your love of Ypsilanti while supporting a coolass photography project, by getting your free portrait taken and including your face to the hundreds of others to be compiled in an Ypsilanti journal of sorts. More info here:

YpsiGirl T.V. Promo to air:

Dear Sweet Ypsilanti, I am excited to inform you that my new television program promo is officially launched. The debut will begin airing Thursday, on Community Television Network, channel 17!

After more than a decade I finally did it.
Went from Safety Girl from wayyyy back in the 90's to: YpsiGirl...lol

I finished the workshop classes at CTN over the summer- got re-certified and plan to launch a new weekly Ypsi Show this fall 2009.

For those of you who remember my past alias- she is retired... do not expect that hot young 20 something educating you on how to apply a condom with your mouth on a banana. lol

But you can expect my candidness, honesty, personal crap to come out over the air waves, and promoting the best of our local flavors- shops, music, night life... and the breath taking bohemian style characters who make ypsi a beautiful place to live and visit.

The debut promo will begin airing Thursday, on Community Television Network, channel 17!

It was an absolute honor and blast to see so many local business's and ypsi peeps show their support in the filming!

Here is the run down on when the promo will air.

Thursday, 8/13/09 at 7:00pm.
Thursday, 8/13 at 10:25pm

Friday, 8/14 at 8:25pm
Saturday, 8/15 at 8:55pm

Sunday, 8/16 at 2:55pm & 10:30pm

Wednesday, 8/19 at 9:00pm

Thursday, 8/20 at 5:00pm

and Saturday, 8/22 at 8:55pm
all on cable channel 17.

If you would like to watch the promo during additional time slots, please call Community Television Network at 734.794.6150, ext.0.

Thank you for showing your support of the community, I so look forward to our weekly hour long program this fall!