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Come in Suckers, leave your wallet on the Bar!

Ypsi Peeps who catch my attention: Dream Catcher Wanda

Introducing Dream Catcher Wanda… Ypsilanti Local with attitude who sports a no holds bared alternative kind of vessel around the city.

We were turning onto Michigan ave downtown Ypsilanti when the tune “Get out of Denver” by Bob Seiger lifted me out of a foggy mess in my head. I looked out of the passenger window in search of where the song and the girl singing along to it were coming from.

At a stop light her long blond hair bounced back and forth to the beat, wearing black sunglasses and sporting a black leather biker hat and leather fringe jacket she sang along with Seiger. Her hands danced on the steering wheel as we turned in front of her.

I exstactily announced. “Honey, it’s the dream catcher lady!”
I have seen this labor of love artsy, ypsi gypsy, van with every kind of dream catcher dangling all over on the inside of her revolutionary home brewed vessel, blaring alternative style bumper stickers and escorting a hundred or so furry stuffed passengers for months now.

This time we were parking in the same lot-

Camera in hand, I walked up to her van and excitedly waited for her to exit.
With chains dangling from her attire, and dressed in leather from her head to the sweet ass leather boots, my kind of rebel fashion model chicky chick stepped out in Ypsi style.

I told her how much I loved it every time I saw her van and asked her if I could take some pics along with a short interview. (Less than five minutes to be exact)

Wanda is an Ypsilanti Local who teaches painting at a senior rec center in town.
She proudly disclosed her love of film, saying “I have a huge movie collection, anything you could think of I have it.”

When asked about her van she told me,

“I was marred for 28 years, divorced sin
ce May of this year. He got the house and I got my sanity and his work van. I did this to it to make it mine. When I tell people I’m divorced they say, “Divorced? Wanna go out?” I’m like NO WAY!”

Wanda allowed me to take a look inside and snap a few shots of her furry critter collection that travel with her. I asked her if she ever got hassled by the police, “Everybody tells me I will be pulled over, but I haven’t yet.”

As we walk into the low income senior high rise I notice her purse, it’s a mini black coffin- I tell her when I grow up I want to be like her, she smiles and disappears in the hall way in route to visit an elderly resident.

Wanda the dream catcher lady in ypsi.