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Come in Suckers, leave your wallet on the Bar!

Get up Sexy in Ypsi: Sneek Peek!

I am so darn excited to announce the 3rd Ypsi Girl episode: “Get up Sexy in Ypsi”
Jesse and I had the distinct pleasure of attending the open house for Vixen Fitness, an alternative kind of fitness studio that is most popular for their “Pole Dance” classes!
I for one will be back to take some classes in the near future, the owner Danielle Green is an exceptional dance instructor, and her Vixen members all made me feel at home and welcomed.

I personally cannot get over the energy I felt as I walked in. This is soooo not your ordinary fitness class.
Tune in for the Premiere on Dec 20th, Sunday at 11:30pm
Here is a sneek peek of the show… Scroll down for all air times.


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Featuring special guest's:
"Vixen Fitness"
Ypsi Girl's "Get up Sexy in Ypsi" is scheduled to premiere on your COMMUNITY TELEVISION NETWORK, CABLE CHANNEL 17 - Sunday, 12/20/09 at 11:30pm.

This 30 minute segment airs to approximately 75,000 homes makes for a seriously entertaining celebration because people all over Ypsi, Ann Arbor and surrounding areas are watching it with you at the same time!

This episode will air 9 times throughout the month of Dec and once in Jan...

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“A Low Income YpsiGirl Christmas: special”

“A Low Income YpsiGirl Christmas: special”
We are working on a future episode and will be filming this weekend- the show is a title in progress.
This is the second year Jesse and I put on a Christmas show for the residents of Town Center Place, low income senior high rise in Ypsilanti. This year we really want to make it special for them.
We have “The Jesse Sinatra show” with world class guitarist Brian Delaney.
It would be so nice for the residents to have food there and small gifts to surprise them with. If anyone would like to help support this event by supplying food, beverages, $10-$20 donations ,anything to help make it special- We will credit you in the television episode, you and your family are also invited to attend.
We need enough for roughly 50 residents.
The event is on Sunday, Dec 13th 5-7pm
401 West MI Ave
Town Center Place
Community Room
Contact Jesse to help out: 734.905.0634
Here is a blog post with some pictures from last years event. Thank you in advance for any support.

(Copied from my other blog written Dec 08 titled: Party Like a Princess)

Last week my princess and I went to a shin dig and danced the night away!

Jesse Sinatra performs at local area assisted living facilities, and I assist him with bookings when I can.

His act was a pro-bono performance for a Hud Subsidized Assisted Living Facility:

Town Center Place in Ypsilanti Michigan.

I am blogging about this place because I know with my dad dying of sarcoma cancer in his lungs, and being poor, it is so hard to find residence that is friendly, affordable, clean, and safe.

I have been to the ritzy assisted living facilities in Ann Arbor, where there are chandeliers, a restaurant, an open bar for special occasions, such as when Jesse Sinatra is hired to perform there. They are very impressive, but no one in my family could ever dream of spending our last days at a fancy facility like those.
Nope, my dad, mom, and most likely I will end up in a Hud Subsidized low income facility like Town Center Place.

But you know what?
I really don’t mind, especially if there are units available at the one we partied at the other night!

The residents and staff make up for the missing amenities found at high end facilities.

It was a Dress Up Party, and the staff offered the residents free dress up attire to residents who did not have anything nice to wear.

This was my absolute favorite dress up resident!

Come on peeps…. She is a grandma and she is dressed to the nines and is wearing fishnet stockings and thigh high boots to boot! Lol

This is so going to be me at 60 year old! I will be a hot Grammy! Not some frumpy one! Lol

One quiet resident was watching the party from a corner in the hall, and I came up to him when Jesse Sinatra was singing, “Summer Wind”… and I asked him to dance with me. He nodded his head “no”… just as I took his hand in mine and led him to the dance floor.

Guess what?
He could DANCE! He actually led!
All the residents there were shocked! We danced three songs together.

I kept getting responses like,

“Girl, how did you get him to dance with you?”

“I have tried for 3 months to get him to talk to me.”
And the best comment was,

“Girlfriend, you made his year!”

This was the BEST holiday party I have ever been to. No open bar, no appetizers, no chandeliers, no formal d├ęcor.

But it had a life of its own and I am honored that the residents opened their hearts to me and my princess!
If you know someone who is in need of an affordable assisted living residence, here is the low down at Town Center-

tell em Jesse Sinatra sent you.

Video's I made with the residents using a (camcorder) before getting re-certified at CTN are embedded at the end of this post.

Manager: Towne Center Place
(734) 482-5500 Address: 401 W. Michigan Avenue - Map
Ypsilanti, MI 48197 Property Type: Apartments, Senior Housing, Subsidized (170 units)

Rent: Under $500.00 a month
Section 8 accepted-

Town Center features huge one bedroom apartments.
Amenities include:
Physical therapy/exercise room, controlled access, 24 hour maintenance, public transportation to which stops at our curb, banks, a library and the post office are all one block from the building.

Cats and small dogs are welcome.
Home Health Services Available
Transportation Service Available
Elevator in Building

Central Air Conditioning Range Refrigerator

Lease Lengths: 12 Months
Pet Policy: Cats Allowed Dogs Allowed
Utilities: Gas Included Heat Included Water Included Resident Pays Electricity

The Fate of Public Access T.V....... up in the air.

Jay Bulworth:
Corporations got the networks and so they get to say who gets to talk about the country today.
How cum they got the airwaves? They're the peoples aren't they?
Wouldn't they be worth 70 billion to the public today if a money grubbin' Congress didn't give 'em away
For big campaign money?
It's hopeless you see. If you runnin' for office without no TV. If you don't get big money you get a defeat. Corporations and broadcasters make you dead meat.

You may not be aware of the fate of public access- This is something I would really like to investigate and cover for an episode. The beauty of public access television is that local residents can produce, host, create, promote, "ANY" message that is important to them. They don't need money, sponsors, advertisers or a "green light".

Your public access channels are "FREE" to utilize, and the equipment and training facilities are "FREE" to local residents. Without public t.v. you would never have seen a "Safety girl" episode, or "Stoney Speaks T.V." show, or my all time fave: "Sexy Minutes".... Back in the day we were all on channel 9.... but times have changed and our city may in fact lose public access all together.

A few Questions at the top of my head that  I have no idea "who" to address them to include:

Why can't Ypsilanti residents be volunteer producers for CTN? They pay for Comcast cable and get the channels, but can't put their messages over the airwaves.

What would the impact be to our community with out public access?

How many comcast cable subscribers are there in Washtenaw county?

Why is it that only "comcast" subscribers get public access channels?

How come AT&T cable subscribers can't watch local public access channels?

Why does Comcast want to move our public access channels from channels 16-19 soo far up that no one would ever see them?

For those of you who want to defend public access t.v. time is running out. There is an advocate in Congress- Let them know public access is important to you-http://salsa.democracyinaction.org/o/862/t/9155/p/dia/action/public/?action_KEY=1556

A great article about the fate of public t.v.:  http://flowtv.org/?p=2476

Last day to see: "A few of my Fave Things"

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