YpsiGirl's Happy 1/2 Hour Show

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Come in Suckers, leave your wallet on the Bar!

"YpsiGirl's Low Income X-Mas 2009" on Community Television Network

"YpsiGirl's Low Income X-Mas 2009" 
is scheduled to premiere on  COMMUNITY TELEVISION NETWORK, CABLE CHANNEL 17 - Sunday, 1/24/10 at 10:30pm.
Personally, I thought that this holiday season would be a depressing one for me. Jesse and I are just barely getting by, there were no exchanging of gifts, and I counted on my family this year to take care of my little princess for x-mas. It was the first x-mas that I had no tree and no presents, no cookies...nada.

For a hot-second I let myself feel bad about the holidays. But something came through to me... Make someone’s holiday a special one if mine sucked. That is what Jesse and I did. We put on a special Holiday show for the residents at Town centre Place, a low-income senior high-rise downtown Ypsi.
This is how we celebrated the holidays- 

By selling my laptop I was able to hire Brian DeLaney (world class, international guitar master) you might have heard his band, The Royal Garden Trio play on television for the DIA commercials? With Brian and our very own Jesse Sinatra booked, I set out to see just how special an event this could be for the residents on a major budget.  David and Leslie Austin of "What Is That" gallery actually closed their shop for a while to dance for the residents. I came up with some great $1.00 store decor and gifts... and with some help from a few residents, was even able to provide food and drink.

Long story short... This was the BEST holiday EVER!!! And we even got a 30min show out of it to share with our community. Personally, the best compliment about our event came from Brian DeLaney, "You guys know how to make your own fun."
The best present I ever received was the honor of celebrating this season with the residents, it was priceless. No amount of money could ever make me feel the holiday spirit like I did this year!

Thank you to everyone who helped in their own special way to make this such a cool, fun, and festive event! Enjoy the show.... I will have a “sneak-peek” uploaded this week.
-tanya & jesse
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