YpsiGirl's Happy 1/2 Hour Show

Airs on Comcast Ch 17 Courtesy of Ann Arbor Community Television Network CTN. To replay our shows call the station and just ask... 734.794.6150

Come in Suckers, leave your wallet on the Bar!

Ypsi Style Service....baby!

YpsiGirl and Michelle Shankwiler your Bar Maids...
@ Keystone Underground Martini Bar.
Who knows.... we just might be back every Thursday eve... No matter what I know for sure that my sweety-Jesse Sinatra with Martin Simmons and the Keystone Trio.... are here every Thursday- no cover, drink specials, and the hottest swing band in all of S.E. Michigan!

Ypsi Reality T.V. Taping & sneek peek "ypsi Night Life" episode.

This is an experiment.... I have always wanted to be in a reality show. I came close a few times.... runner up for Survivor and Big Brother... but not a finilist. I also presented an exhaustive dissertation about "reality t.v" for EMU's undergraduate symposium back in 2001.
As my sweetheart, jesse says... "No one would expect anything less from you by putting you life on the air."  lol

So, here it is folks- the First episode will be taped live @ Keystone Underground Feb 25th- no cover charge and drink specials. Your's truly will be a guest bar-gal serving up drinks. Now mind you, I have NEVER worked in a bar- never served alcohol- and I have no idea wtf I will be in for. lol

I have not worked any "real" job in over 6 years- I have a total of 6 W2 forms for 2009 with an income total of less than $3000. So I guess my work ethic is something less than underachiever. lol (personally, i just love public access t.v and this is where I prefer to spend my time & energy.)

All I know for sure about Feb 25th is that my man and his NEW band are playing that night... "jesse sinatra & The Martinis",  I'm serving, and hopefully I can get a cameraman to tape the first episode... lol

Oh, here is a sneek peek of our upcoming t.v. show that inspired me to take a leap into this "ypsi reality t.v." thingy...lol