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Come in Suckers, leave your wallet on the Bar!

Ypsi Night Life episode 1 Premiers Tonight!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

The first in a series of productions I am working on titled: "Ypsi Night Life" premiers this evening 8pm sharp on Comcast Channel 17.... baby!!!

This is such a grand adventure for me, to share with our community and surrounding areas the hot, edgy, raw, and classy night life they can experience if they are hip enough to journey into our beautiful city after dark! The first episode features Jesse Sinatra with a 12 piece Orchestra.

Regina Sweet: Performs a darling retro Burlesque act @ Dreamland Theater... and Ypsi's own Russ Mantooth Bounces live @ Keystone Underground, giving the audience a delightfully hard time at getting into this exclusive event... and a few fun, sexy surprises mixed in.

Additional replay's of the first episode can be found by scrolling down. Stay tuned as I am working on editing episode two, "Ypsi Girl Reality T.V." in which  Michelle Shankwiler and myself dress up as Barmaids. We serve up drinks, MC, dance and party... all while trying to make an extra few bucks. lol ;)

Enjoy... and if you'r daring enough... you might want to consider venturing into the Keystone Underground some Thursday eve to witness the magic yourself... I MC every Thursday Eve, Jesse Sinatra and the Ypsi Underground bring down the house, and occasionally I have a camera crew there and air on local public access what comes down in Ypsi after dark.

Additional replay times include: Monday, 3/22 at 11:30pm;
Tuesday, 3/23 at 10:30pm;
Wednesday, 3/24 at 5:30pm;
Thursday, 3/25 at 10:00am & 9:30pm;
Friday, 3/26 at 8:30pm;
Saturday, 3/27 at 4:00pm;
Sunday, 3/28 at 10:30pm; and
Tuesday, 3/30 at 9:00pm; all on cable channel 17.

If you would like to watch our program during additional time slots, please call Community Television Network at 734.794.6150, ext.0.

Keystone Underground Last Night: review

Thursday, Mar 11, 2010
Photos by:  http://www.rajmehtaphotography.com
You know what makes me get those fuzzy warm feelings? Witnessing some serious music magic... and hobnobbing with a dozen new peeps who ventured into The Underground for the very 1st time! 

Ya..ya... there might have been a few glitches mixed in.... but I'm telling you- Something happened last night- it was like a birth of sorts...super hot sex....my  first kiss...an Oprah a-ha moment!

jesse sinatra and The Ypsi Underground breathed new life into Keystone Underground last night. The classiest, jazziest, best kept secret Ypsilanti lounge EVER- The Trio includes Martin Simmons: Sax and Piano Master, who in between sets plays the Sax right on the street baby... downtown on Michigan Ave- and........Super sexy Bass player: Brennan Duncan Andes  who is  as of TODAY on tour with The Macpodz:  blew me off my feet at times.... 

I got lost in their solos...... I could have possibly experienced a universal orgasm that did not need any body contact and left me cleansed.  I myself and the coolest of the cool (about a dozen catz) are waking up today and spreading the word of a breakthrough performance that everyone else is going to feel so darn jealous that they were not in on.  The end.

Ypsi Girl's Low-Income X-Mas

Enjoy a sneek peek of our X-mas special... to watch the full 30 min episode on Comcast channel 17 just call the station and request it: 734.794.6150, ext.0