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Keystone Underground Last Night: review

Thursday, Mar 11, 2010
Photos by:  http://www.rajmehtaphotography.com
You know what makes me get those fuzzy warm feelings? Witnessing some serious music magic... and hobnobbing with a dozen new peeps who ventured into The Underground for the very 1st time! 

Ya..ya... there might have been a few glitches mixed in.... but I'm telling you- Something happened last night- it was like a birth of sorts...super hot sex....my  first kiss...an Oprah a-ha moment!

jesse sinatra and The Ypsi Underground breathed new life into Keystone Underground last night. The classiest, jazziest, best kept secret Ypsilanti lounge EVER- The Trio includes Martin Simmons: Sax and Piano Master, who in between sets plays the Sax right on the street baby... downtown on Michigan Ave- and........Super sexy Bass player: Brennan Duncan Andes  who is  as of TODAY on tour with The Macpodz:  blew me off my feet at times.... 

I got lost in their solos...... I could have possibly experienced a universal orgasm that did not need any body contact and left me cleansed.  I myself and the coolest of the cool (about a dozen catz) are waking up today and spreading the word of a breakthrough performance that everyone else is going to feel so darn jealous that they were not in on.  The end.


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