YpsiGirl's Happy 1/2 Hour Show

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Come in Suckers, leave your wallet on the Bar!

Thursday Nite in Ypsi Baby!!!! Apr 8,2010

YpsiGirl presents…

“Jesse Sinatra and the Ypsi Underground. “
Thursdays 8pm @ Keystone Underground.

Pink Wig or Fedora Nite!!!

It looks like i am not the only chicky in the house sporting a pink wig! How wonderful to see more beauties in pink! Heather our sweet barmaid is now hip to the wig....and a few others are promising me they too will be someone else for the night! With this said... if you have not yet experienced an evening in which you will exclaim: "We are not in Ypsi anymore toto!" Then this is the night to walk into a magical portal right off Michigan ave down town ypsi baby!

Our 7th week here and there are even more new surprises... such as 5 new songs... including blues and even a Doors tune... .. if you have not checked us out, you could possibly help keep us here by coming tomorrow... awesome drink specials, and even $5.00 Shrimp Rice Bowls yummmmm!!!

Jesse breathes new life into the roaring 20’s booze culture, singing everlasting retro classics. Those who know him personally call him the hardest working man in the lounge business. For over thirty years this Detroit native has performed all over the United States- with Rock Bands, Orchestras, Trios etc…And now it is as if the Universe played a major role in bringing Jesse and Martin Simmons together to form what is now known as “The Ypsi Underground”. An extraordinary class act jazz and swing band.

Simmons, a piano/keyboard aficionado grew up in Detroit just blocks from Motown’s Hitsville. He has been performing for over 40 years, touring with the likes of Martha Reeves and The Commodores. Simmons gift at composing, arranging and playing offers listeners a distinct pleasure to the senses.

Rotating Jazz and Funk Bass players, include 26 year old Brennan Duncan Andes, Bass player for The Macpodz and 27 year old Russell Tessier, the youngest of the“Ypsi Underground” they play both electric and upright Bass. Funk, Blues and Jazz is obviously a second language for these talented players.

Every Thursday night you have the rare opportunity to be taken back into time with Jesse’s voice, listen in on some serious swing, Jazz and Funk instrumentals as well as improvisations and solos by Simmons and Tessier. The root to this band includes drums by Mike Scott and guest Bongo player, Hussian.

An added musical treat can be heard in-between sets. Martin Simmons plays the sax as if he were the pied piper on the corner of Michigan Ave and Washington Street.

Thursdays in Ypsilanti have been re-defined by Jesse Sinatra and the Ypsi Underground- if you are itching for a high end musical experience with no cover, a wide variety of martinis, super drink specials and the Lady Gaga of Ypsilanti, “Ypsigirl“ (formally known as “Safety Girl”) as your Mistress of Ceremonies, then this is the place to be!


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