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Come in Suckers, leave your wallet on the Bar!

Big Brother is watching public access TV. Honey!

Where did the “community” in Community Television Network go?
As a long time anti corporate gal and real time human with issues and a throbbing, healing heart I am finding it more difficult these days to feel at home in a place that prides itself as “community” oriented. Their mission statement is simple: 
“Community Television Network is committed to providing multimedia resources and programming to serve diverse public interests and strengthen the fabric of the Ann Arbor community.”
But it seems to me that at the same time they are choking the staff with a corporate stench behind closed doors. What I am speaking about here is my personal experiences as a resident of Ann Arbor- A “legal” registered voter of Ann Arbor.
CTN (Community Television network) was created by a group of community activists in an actual “home” back in the day- 1973 with a welcome mat at the front door.  Fast forward thirty seven  years later- I walk up to the NEW location’s front entrance- and  I have to be buzzed in as if I might be a terrorist.  If I am lucky enough to be “welcomed” it’s something like a Jenny Craig-step ford wife-ish forced friendly smile, which leaves me thinking who are they trying to fool?
Or simply nothing at all- kind of like when you are in line at the FIA building waiting to inquire about why your food stamps were cancelled without any notice, the person sitting behind the plastic window operates with a blank stare forcing  you to speak first. They hand you a stack of papers and give you a number with no emotion.
It is obvious that some big shot faceless peeps have decided that CTN has to be a more homogenized, “professional” entity.  The tension in the air is so thick I can feel the employee moral being drained from their once genuinely friendly, smiling “customer” service faces.
Faces I said- faces that I have been in front of since the early 90’s- faces that welcomed me with a smile and an endearing word to go along with it like “sweetie” or my personal fave, “honey”. These days I am lucky enough to get this kind of personalized treatment at the Coney Island.
So, as I begin this next assignment from the Universe- it is clear to me that I need to address what is happening to our “once” diverse community that was rich with personality and prided itself with an eclectic mix of community voices.  Maybe this is why I feel more at home in Ypsilanti. Maybe this is why that even though I live in A2, I prefer to go the few extra miles to buy my daughter an ice-cream cone from a family owned and smiling business. Maybe this is one of the several reasons why I am “YpsiGirl”.
Do you work for a faceless corporation or the city? Have they changed internal policies that are making you dread going to work? Are you and your coworkers overwhelmed and feel like you’re walking on pins and needles- just knowing that the PIC -i.e.: “people in charge” are watching you from the black ball in the ceiling? Guess what….  I want to hear from you! Stay anonymous, I promise I won’t’ tell anyone who YOU are. Contact me so that “someone” can be your voice for a hot second over the airwaves. I promise I will get the message across in a fun and emotionally charged heartfelt way- this just happens to be my style, honey!



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