YpsiGirl's Happy 1/2 Hour Show

Airs on Comcast Ch 17 Courtesy of Ann Arbor Community Television Network CTN. To replay our shows call the station and just ask... 734.794.6150

Come in Suckers, leave your wallet on the Bar!

It's on: May28th Friday 7pm

That is right folks.... "YpsiGirl's Happy 1/2 Show" premiers Friday May 28th @ 7pm on Comcast ch 17!

This is a first for me: I learn how to run an entire mini television studio while hosting the show at the same time. I decided for the first four episodes to take you all along the ride and to hopefully encourage others to take advantage of this wonderful FREE resource in Ann Arbor. BTW- Don't worry if you live in Ypsi, you can still have a show by working through a non-profit org in A2.

(I'm thinking about making "YpsiGirl" a non-profit org myself)... lol

So... in this first episode you will see how to operate the controls and learn when my period starts. lol

Each episode is a deconstructed version or metamorphosis of sorts- the second episode I operate the equipment while decorating the set... etc..

Our third episode we learn more about "audio" while we do something like a directors commentary about our 2009 Ypsilanti Heritage Festival show.

Forth Episode is: "Ypsi Night Life pt2" in which we are on the beat showing you an up close and personal look at Ypsi after dark on the the streets and in the bars.

Finally: We have GUEST'S on the 5th episode- How exciting it was to finally get all the way to interviewing interesting and beautiful peeps!

So there you have it... I have so much footage I need to edit for future episodes- just when my poor puter and all her helpers took a serious turn for the worst.

It will take me some time to get my home editing software up to date and operating properly- I gotta find more stuff to sell in order to do this...so I apologize to all of you Ypsi peeps and business's who can't wait to see the finished product's airing.

I also want to extend a special Thanks to Craig of Forbidden Knowledge T.V. with his superb and patient coaching.

Licks -n- Lashes


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