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My Rejected Oprah Audition

It was great fun to make this audition video with a local Ypsi author, Brien Shell.
I knew going into this that we don't have a chance at winning... but darn I thought we watered it down enough to be added with all the other entries.

Anyway, you can rest assured that the entire (unedited) 30 min episode will air in Ann Arbor & Ypsilanti on CTN's Comcast channel 17 in July 2010. If you would still like to vote for our show I bet a comment under the black screen on her audition site would be just fine lol. Here is the link: http://myown.oprah.com/audition/index.html?request=video_details&response_id=1435&promo_id=1  oh.. if you are reading this post from facebook you gotta visit my blog to see the audition video here:


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