YpsiGirl's Happy 1/2 Hour Show

Airs on Comcast Ch 17 Courtesy of Ann Arbor Community Television Network CTN. To replay our shows call the station and just ask... 734.794.6150

Come in Suckers, leave your wallet on the Bar!

YpsiGirl goes steady and one more thing Oprah-

If you happen to be bored with traditional commercial television there’s an alternative series premiering tomorrow with no advertising, no script, no celebrities and no real meaning. It’s like preschool for adults complete with beverages. Learn how to have your own public access television show, how to run an entire mini studio all by yourself, and even save the fate of public access so more professional shows that actually have a message can stay on the air without any corporate influence.
on Community Television Network Comcast channel 17
Friday, 5/28/10 at 7:00pm.
Its regular bi-weekly timeslot will be the second and fourth Fridays at 7:00pm.
Additional replay times include:
the following Monday at 11:30pm;
the following Tuesday at 2:30pm;
and the following Thursday at 8:30pm;

And one more thing for you Ms. Oprah… I spent so much of my precious time making an audition video for your OWN network television show contest. After submitting our audition and that long ass application that took over an hour to finish I patiently waited 24 hours to see it up with all the other entries only to instead find a message in my inbox saying:
“There is a problem with your submission”
Your video did not meet the terms and conditions for submissions to our contest. Common reasons for rejections include length, inclusion of copyrighted materials, or inappropriate content. You may resubmit your entry, but if you choose to do so please read the contest entry instructions and modify your video so it meets all the requirements.
How did my precious little deflated ego take this message…? I actually cried my stupid ass off and ego said “Oprah DID it!!!” The next morning I laughed my smart ass off at the stupidity of egos reaction. I decided that I didn’t need your stupid contest anyway, but I secretly went over your rules for the contest, over and over again and just could not find a reason for my submission being rejected. I asked harpobear in the comments section of my “blank screen” video submission here… what the heck I did wrong? Guess what Oprah, it wasn’t me after all.

I tried again after finding this out, had to re-write the hour long application because your site threw it out after rejecting me and guess what Oprah… it is still your problem- Rejected again. My audition entry uploaded just fine on YouTube and even on your free video editing site- when your editing site sent me the link to my rendered QuickTime audition, guess what Oprah? It was not there.

So do I dare try this again for the 3rd time? I feel like this is insanity if I do, but ego sure hates living in public housing so if I do I sure won’t expect any different result. The only good to come out of this?… I will update you when I figure that one out.


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