YpsiGirl's Happy 1/2 Hour Show

Airs on Comcast Ch 17 Courtesy of Ann Arbor Community Television Network CTN. To replay our shows call the station and just ask... 734.794.6150

Come in Suckers, leave your wallet on the Bar!

3rd Episode Airs Tonight and the full 2009 Heritage Festival show later in the eve.

Our Happy 1/2 Hour Show will air tonight at 7pm channel 17 on Comcast.

It's our "directors commentary" of sorts about YpsiGirl at the 2009 Ypsilanti Heritage Festival.  An added treat will air later tonight at 8:30pm: The full 30 minute 2009 Heritage Festival show.

If you wanna know why I am so darn passionate about Ypsi I think the Heritage Festival Show sums it up just right!

During "happy 1/2 hour" @ 7pm Jesse and I learn more about audio in the mini Hot Line Televison Studio while we cut back and forth to our very first show. We chat it up about  our adventures during the 3 day shoot and even disclose some relationship tensions behind the sceens. lol

This episode will replay on
Monday  June 28th @ 11:30pm
Tuesday June 29th @ 2:30pm
Thursday July 1st @ 8:30pm

If you would like additional replay's for any of our shows just call the station and ask... it usually takes 3 weeks for the shows to be programmed. 734-794-6150

Last Replay for 2nd Episode today and some YpsiGirl Press too..

Today @ 8:30pm on Comcast channel 17 our 2nd episode will air for the last time. If you would like to catch up just call the station and ask for more replays- 734.794.6150

We have a total of 8 shows in all. The third episode airs Friday June 25th 7-7:30pm- Scroll down for all the in's and out's... or just click on "ypsi T.V." under the catagories to the left of my blog. ;)

Thank you James for such a nice article on AnnArbor.com... Just a couple of corrections: I had a shop in A2 It did fantastic, so much so my landlord I subleased from kicked me out and tried to sell my line of products, he did not understand it was not the products that sold them and he went out of business shortly after. I tried very hard to relocate in DePot Town, but it turned ugly and City Council rejected my shop. Also, I was only in a DV Shelter one time!  Otherwise pretty head on.  ;)

2nd Episode airs Tonight... and YpsiGirl gets picked up by award winning producer/directer!

The second episode of "YpsiGirls Happy 1/2 Hour Show" airs tonight @ 7pm on Comcast channel 17.

In this episode: You get to see the back of my wig as we decorate the set and chat it up a little about the Safety Girl days.

On another note- jesse got a call from David Chappel, award winning producer/director and staunch supporter of CTN for 20 years. Yes, he was Safety Girl's producer too. ;) Anyway, after seeing what I have been up to in the hot line studio David encouraged me to get out'a there and into where I belong. He says I don't need to be worried about running the studio and hosting the show at the same time.

"Whew!"  This is such good news to me! Come this fall we will be airing from a "real" t.v. studio complete with 3 cameras, 3 sets, and even room for a studio audience! Our time slot will stay the same every 2nd and 4th Friday 7pm sharp- and woo hoo.... one of those Fridays each month will be LIVE with the phone lines open!

The butterfly will be out of her cocoon peeps come August 27th... I am booking our guests now and our house band for this special "7th Episode"...  I'm also on the look out for some set decor help- I would love to be able to have a "bar" like atmosphere... any help is greatly appreciated and I for sure will credit YOU to the 9's. Let me know...

Licks -n- Lashes,

oh, P.S. Oprah-
It looks like there are some peeps in the world who don't need your help in making their dreams come true after all. This is a huge load off my shoulders... lol
I will keep my rejected t.v. show audition for your OWN network right here in my beautiful community where it is embraced and appreciated by folks who matter. (This is what I learned trying to get our show into your stupid contest.)

The Ypsi Project is here!

I'm super excited about today. Erica Hampton and her honey have spent almost an entire year to get to THIS DAY.

My delicate ego wants to be acknowledged that it has been following the Ypsi Project's journey since they began it last year... 

Erica and Mike shared their "Ypsi Project" journey online- through journals, photographs, and videos... and now we all have a wonderful opportunity to walk into a gallery in beautiful downtown Ypsilanti and see the diverse and charming faces that make the city of Ypsilanti what it is. Here is a fantastic article about the project on AnnArbor.com's site.
Personally, there are so many reasons I fell in love with this project- I think what tugged at my heart the most though was the connection I felt with the entire idea and the community support which was over-whelming.

To me this is not your ordinary art exhibit... It is an exhibit about the people who make up our lovely, eclectic, and richly diverse city- Today you have an opportunity to answer the question:
What kind of faces represent the city of Ypsilanti, Michigan?
Erica captured it and if you want a looksie for yourself then get your booty down there today!!!

Where to go:
One day only!
the XVG Gallery
200 W. Michigan Ave

Ypsi Project Exhibit Prints! from erica hampton on Vimeo.