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Come in Suckers, leave your wallet on the Bar!

The Ypsi Project is here!

I'm super excited about today. Erica Hampton and her honey have spent almost an entire year to get to THIS DAY.

My delicate ego wants to be acknowledged that it has been following the Ypsi Project's journey since they began it last year... 

Erica and Mike shared their "Ypsi Project" journey online- through journals, photographs, and videos... and now we all have a wonderful opportunity to walk into a gallery in beautiful downtown Ypsilanti and see the diverse and charming faces that make the city of Ypsilanti what it is. Here is a fantastic article about the project on AnnArbor.com's site.
Personally, there are so many reasons I fell in love with this project- I think what tugged at my heart the most though was the connection I felt with the entire idea and the community support which was over-whelming.

To me this is not your ordinary art exhibit... It is an exhibit about the people who make up our lovely, eclectic, and richly diverse city- Today you have an opportunity to answer the question:
What kind of faces represent the city of Ypsilanti, Michigan?
Erica captured it and if you want a looksie for yourself then get your booty down there today!!!

Where to go:
One day only!
the XVG Gallery
200 W. Michigan Ave

Ypsi Project Exhibit Prints! from erica hampton on Vimeo.


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