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Come in Suckers, leave your wallet on the Bar!

5th Episode to air… and a pap smear toO.

Friday July 22 at 7pm YpsiGirl’s Happy ½ Hour Show will air on Comcast channel 17. In this episode we have our first guest’s in the hot line studio as well as a special guest announcer. From A3 Radio’s Folk It Show: announcer extraordinaire, Nearly Normal Warren gives me an introduction that could have come out of a sexy novel. Our first guest of the night is Erica Hampton on her “Ypsi Project”.  We then bring in Ann Arbor News journalist James Dickson and chat it up about god knows what.
On another note, I have not been on craigslist for months and for whatever reason a few weeks back I hopped on the general category in A2. A post titled: “Please Help” caught my eye.  The original post was posted on June 29th so it will be taken down by CL on July 29th. I will paste it here at the bottom for you to read.
The post is by Mandy, about her 47 year old mom, Valerie. Her mom has stage 4 cervical cancer and it is incurable. Mandy is asking for help for a charity rummage sale and silent auction to help pay for some of her moms medical bills.
Now this really struck a chord with me for several reasons.
Four years ago while pregnant I was diagnosed with pre cancer cells on my cervix. It was an extremely scary time for me because I had to wait until “after” my daughter was born before starting treatment. 
The treatments where invasive, painful and emotionally draining.  I also was going through a traumatic divorce during this time and was my dad’s caregiver as he was being treated for stage 4 sarcoma cancer in the lungs.
After two hard years I tested clean, but was told I had to get 6 month checkups from then on. Well, when the divorce was final I had no health insurance and no money so I let it go.
Here I am three years later reading Mandy’s plea on CL. I email her telling her I don’t have anything of value but want to help. I offer her 15 potted spider plants I have been growing from babies. Mandy accepted them with heartfelt thanks. I told my neighbor about Mandy, and my neighbor gathered up soooo much good quality items for the sale and silent auction too.
Mandy came by yesterday to pick up our goodies.  She is a sweet young mom herself and full time student at Scripps Howard in Lansing. Yet another coincidence, me being on public access for over 15 years. Now here comes the climax…
I asked Mandy in front of my neighbor if her mom was diagnosed with pre-cancer of the cervix first.
“No, her last pap smear was in 1988 after she got her tubes tied. It was so painful for her that she never went back for her yearly checkup. One day on the phone she told me her periods were heavy and lasting for weeks, but she thought it was signs of menopause. I made her go in and get checked out and we found out she had stage 4 cervical cancer.”
Well, this stopped me in my tracks because for the last 6 months I have been having two periods a month, last month was the first time I had a normal period. I assumed that it was just a part of me going through peri- menopause. But, this month I had a heavy 13 day period and have been spotting every other day or so.  I have not been to the doctor in 3 years. I don’t have insurance and we are limited financially. 
But I told Mandy to tell her mom she inspired me and I called Planned Parenthood today. They have a special donation set up for low income women, and I will be able to get my Pap smear and tests next week. My neighbor told us her mom is now at stage 4 cervical cancer as well.
Please ladies… get your yearly pap smear… cervical cancer is the 2nd most common cancer for women!

I am putting together a rummage sale/silent auction to help raise funds for my mother, Valarie Bragg. She is currently battling Stage four Cervical Cancer, and is unable to work at this time. As you know along with dealing with a devastating illness and all the emotional issues involved, it typically also brings with it a tremendous financial burden. Her family and friends have gathered around to show support, encourage and cheerlead her through this time but we are also hoping to help ease her financial burden as well. For our rummage sale, we are looking for donated items to sell over a two-day period. Any items not sold in the rummage sale will be donated to The Salvation Army following the close of the event. During the rummage sale we will also be holding a silent auction, and any contribution your business could offer to our cause would be greatly appreciated. Please, no gift is too small. All donations will be recognized at the event vocally during the auction, and also with signs pertaining to the items. Please join us to help my mother Valarie with this difficult time in her life. We have several volunteers over many counties who are willing to come pick up items, or if you would prefer we have drop-off sites in Ann Arbor and Howell. Contact: mandylu21@msn.com, (734)585-5765

Elvis in Ypsi... The Best Kept Secret Art Fair and 4th Episode Replays...

OK, so here is the deal-  If you are looking for an alternative style art fair, a delicious community event that is kept undercover of sorts, artist's that don't stick their noses up in the air and don't even call themselves "professional" but really are-
The Shadow Art Fair just might be what you need to exclaim,
"Finally, an art fair that I feel cozy in!"

Jesse and I will be here today... we will also be at  Michigan's largest Elvis Fest!

Today in Ypsi is chock full of free and fun things to experience. Now, get your booties off that chair and enjoy community spirit at it's finest! 
We are looking forward to seeing you there! 

Check here for all the events happening this weekend.

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