YpsiGirl's Happy 1/2 Hour Show

Airs on Comcast Ch 17 Courtesy of Ann Arbor Community Television Network CTN. To replay our shows call the station and just ask... 734.794.6150

Come in Suckers, leave your wallet on the Bar!

Warning! Symptoms watching this episode might include...

The ghost's of YpsiGirl past, present and future take you on a 3 year ride and offer you a glimpse of whats in store for our public access t.v. show in 2011.

Airs 7pm X-Mas Eve on Comcast ch 17

Additional replays include:
Monday Dec 27th @ 11:30pm
Tuesday Dec 28th @2:30 pm
Thursday Dec 30th @8:30pm

Players in this episode include in order of appearance:

Vixen Fitness
The Rocket
Hotel Hickmen
Forbidden Knowledge
Psychic Nancy Rose Gerler
Muruga Booker
Answer This Movie- The Farah Brothers
Herbie's Haunt
2010 Hash Bash
Red Carpet Movie Premiere for The Farah Brothers.
Happy Holidays and Happy New Year... Jesse and I can't wait to see you all next year!