YpsiGirl's Happy 1/2 Hour Show

Airs on Comcast Ch 17 Courtesy of Ann Arbor Community Television Network CTN. To replay our shows call the station and just ask... 734.794.6150

Come in Suckers, leave your wallet on the Bar!

Ypsi @fter Dark- For music lovers!

Friday, Feb 25th 6:59pm tune into our Happy 1/2 Hour Show for some serious musical delights and never before seen footage/interviews with yours truly doing what I do best, not editing myself (again). Sharing the musical talents, the beautiful residents, and all the fun to be had in Ypsi After Dark!

I'm especially excited to share with you all a beautiful new theme song and music video about the city of Ypsilanti. Written and performed by our own John Latini, winner of the 2009 and 2008 Detroit Blues Challenge!
Filmed live Jan 15th at the Riverside Art Center for a benefit concert for our Crossroads angel, Denise Cutlip! The song is called My Town (Got a River and a Train).

Also on this episode:
Martin Simmons and the Spaceheaters
Tom Saunders and Nearly Normal Warren A3 Radio

Special Thank You to ALL the players involved and especially Sebastian for your great camera work over at Keystone!!!