YpsiGirl's Happy 1/2 Hour Show

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Come in Suckers, leave your wallet on the Bar!

A tidal wave of excitement! "oops"...

Tonight's episode is a potpourri of politically incorrect episodes dating from 2009 to the present! On this episode I am especially excited to feature several performances by local celebrities who performed at a benefit for our Cross Roads Angel Ms.Denise Cutlip over at the Riverside Art Center this January 2011. Players on this episode include in order of appearance:

Russ Mantooth
Craig Host of Forbidden Knowledge
my love, Jesse Sinatra
Muruga Booker
Psychic Nancy Rose Gerler
Jim Priore
The Farah Brothers (Answer This Movie) and (FunnyorDie.com)
Chris Buhalis
John Latini
Denise Cutlip
Dragon Wagon
Mayor Paul Schreiber
Leanardo Christian aka "Nestle Quick"
Uneek Darby
Nearly Normal Warren and Tom Saunders (A3 Radio Folk It Show)
Brian Woolridge (A2 Michael Jackson Ally Dancer)
Martin Simmons
Michelle Shankwiler
David Barrett

Enjoy... and expect a special episode in the near future featuring the entire Denise Cutlip Benefit at the Riverside Art Center
cheers- tanya and jesse