YpsiGirl's Happy 1/2 Hour Show

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Come in Suckers, leave your wallet on the Bar!

Happy Hour Festivities at Riverside Park Today!

Local Beer- 300 frosty varieties from over 50 Michigan Breweries!







This is Michigan's 14th Annual Summer Beer Festival kick off. It starts today in Depot Town's Beautiful Riverside Park 5pm sharp till tomorrow 6pm!

You must be at least 21 years of age to enter the festival. Everyone is required to show valid ID for entry. More info here:  Facebook them here:

YpsiGirl's Non-Pretentious Weekend Recommendation!

This weekend if you are in need of some budget friendly, down to earth, fun, social strong liberal adventures I highly recommend The Shadow Art Fair @ the Corner Brewery in Ypsilanti, this Sat July 16 from noon to midnight. What I LOVE most about this kind of fair is that its the exact OPPOSITE of the A2 Art Fair.

People here will smile and look you in the eye, the artist's don't act like traditional ones but their work is one of a kind, edgy, and detailed. Enjoy a tall frosty beverage while browsing the 40 some-odd vendors.

This is the place to come to for finding that PERFECT Gift for that special someone who you want to know you really took your time shopping for them! You can even get your fortune told by a 10 year old psychic girl. Mine last year promised I would "enjoy lots of tokes." (Boy was she wrong.)  ;)

For lunch or dinner I recommend a stroll into Depot Town, to my FAVE friendly universally FAMOUS Sidetrack Bar & Grill.  I can attest that you will enjoy yourself immensely. You can even enter to WIN a years worth of burgers!

And lastly, from personal experience- if you are dieting rest assured that the Ceasar Salads and the Goat Cheese Quesadilla won't make you hate yourself the next day. I've lost weight enjoying these delicious dishes!
So there you have it, a perfect friendly non-pretentious Saturday with free parking, beer, food and art!!!

Would you please pass the Grey Poupon?

From Graceland to Michigan Ave...Get your Sparkle on in Ypsi!

Tonight is the 1st day of the 12th annual Elvis Fest Weekend in Ypsilanti. Jesse and I had a riot there last year!!! We met so many fun people from all over the U.S and Canada and were even interviewed for a documentary about Elvis Fest. Do yourself and family a favor and surprise them with an impromptu outing to the largest Elvis Fest in the country.

Now if you happen to have a babysitter, an added treat would be heading over to Woodruffs Bar in Depot Town for the annual Post Elvisfest featuring The Devil Elvis Show. 

Lastly, if you have that entrepreneur spirit then our show tonight is just for you!
A special YpsiGirl Business edition featuring Spark East on Michigan Ave. Learn how Spark has helped others start a business and how they can help you. ;) Here is a sneak peek of tonight's episode, if you are reading this from facebook head on over here to my blog for links and video.