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Come in Suckers, leave your wallet on the Bar!

Trouble Maker get's recognized.

Photos Courtesy of CTN

Jesse, my little princess and I sat in the front row at CTN's Volunteer Producer Recognition event last month. We knew we had won in some catagories. We were thankful to receive our awards as others did that night.  Our part was done and we politely waited as the special awards were announced. 

We listened as CTN manager Ralph Salmeron introduced the final award of the night. He went on and on about this woman, who is a wife, mother, long time producer who through out the years shared with the community her various on air personalities and such.

Honestly, I was only half listening and instead occupying myself with my little girls hair. My internal thinking was, wow that describes me but NO WAY would CTN honor someone like me. Unbeknownst to me, Jesse was thinking the same thing. "That description could actually fit Tanya but there's no way that's gonna happen, don't get your hopes up baby."

Then Ralph picked up the Community Spirit Award for 2011, looked at me and smiled, saying  "Goes to Tanya Veilleux!!!"

I was SHOCKED!!! I put my head on Jesse's shoulder for a hot second in disbelief.

But it was really happening, in addition to winning four 1st place Philo T. Farnsworth Central States Awards,  YpsiGirl won a fancy one of a kind CTN (Community Television Network) Community Spirit Award 2011!
For the first time with cameras rolling I was SPEECHLESS! With no preparation, notes, or even knowing  this award existed, I stepped up to the podium.

I don't remember exactly what I said, so I am looking forward to when CTN airs this event. What I do remember is that I thanked two people who were my inspiration for EVER getting me into public access televison. Stoney Burke, of "Stoney Speaks T.V." who gave me my first on air experience something like 19 years ago. (BIG Grin)

This was back when CTN was located downtown Ann Arbor above the fire department. After we finished taping Stoney's show I left the station knowing without a doubt that THIS is what I want to do!!!! Shortly after that,  U of M professor, Dr. Syliva Hacker, author of "What Every Teenager Really Wants to Know about Sex" had me as a guest on her show "Sexy Minutes."

That part went smoothly, then I had a (Rick Perry) moment trying to find the words to thank CTN, because it was through them 15 years ago, I met a volunteer crew member who turned out to be my now husband, Jesse Sinatra!

On the drive home with a total of 6 awards, Jesse and I laughed our butts off replaying the event.

To think during the Safety Girl days the station was almost shut down over my show. The district attorney even came to the station and confiscated an episode, (Can you believe it? He still has it, I think.) And even my Safety Girl producer had to quit the show and hire an attorney worried he might go to jail. The cable commission was forced to create new producer guidelines, rules, paperwork and such (that they still use today) all because of little ol' me.  And now I was being honored for my work! Ya, just gotta hang in there I guess....time and history changes everything.

You know what... winning awards for what I LOVE to do and especially one made just for me feels.... well, pretty darn good.
1995 X-Mas episode after party with my camera man-friend-wedding singer-now HUSBAND!!!! ♥

Polaroid ;)